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This is a project that documents the major cause of my monthly pain: my menstruation. Through this project, I try to transform my pain into art while dealing with empowerment and frustration. It started in 2011 and it’s still in development as I continue to closely document the fascinating changes that occur in my body and how it reacts to different circumstances and treatments. I document my menstruation through images and sounds from my own body before, during and after my menstruation.
The project aims to increase the awareness towards the beauties and complexities of a monthly cycle that most women go through. It also manifests that the flow of my menstruation should be smoothly coming out fromthe inside of my body, out,” in addition to  a natural dialogue that should happen from the inside of women’s body to the outside world.


IMG_41558x10IMG_4085_5x7IMG_40988x10Blood - 2015-1932Blood - 2015-1920-3 Blood - 2015-1922 Blood - 2015-1926  IMG_4076_5x7 IMG_4083_5x7  IMG_4115_5x7 IMG_4122_5x7 IMG_4138_5x7   IMG_41058x10 IMG_41238x10 IMG_4169_5x7

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