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Panchakarma is an extremely profound “cleansing” that deals with physical, emotional, spiritual and energetic matters, performed through Ayurvedic medicine. The complete Panchakarma can last from 15 to 21 days, and it consists of 5 steps. In my case, the whole process lasted 19 days.

I decided to do it at Vale do Capão, Chapada Diamantina-Bahia in Brazil. Where I was completely isolated, with very little internet connection as I was fully immersed in the process.

The idea and proposal of this project was to take daily self portraits with the intention of registering how I was at that specific moment. The predominant factors that I took into consideration were: emotions, body and movement. The major intention was to capture the feelings expressed through my body, which were constantly changing due to all the experiences I was going through.

In addition to the photos, I kept a dairy where I would daily write my emotions and I chose a phrase per day to go along with the photo of each day.

*All the photos were taken by myself without the assistance or presence of others.





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